Subscription to Online Paint nights - only through Patreon!

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$1 or more per month 

 Thank you for your support - $1 will help towards getting a brick and mortar location for Painting with Lori.


With a brick and Mortar location I will be able to host parties for families and children to learn the love of painting.



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$5 or more per month 

With Five dollars a month a random Patreon Supporter will receive a free ONLINE paint night kit!



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$25 or more per month

With a $25 support every month, you will receive an ONLINE paint night kit for 1 person. 



  • The Paint Night Sustainer

$35 or more per month 

You will receive a date night paint night kit EVERY month. 


You will receive the initial pack the first month - brushes, paints and 2 canvases.


The months going forward you will receive the 2 canvases and paints to the online paint night. You will also receive patreon online paint night exclusives that are not available on Facebook/Youtube.

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